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Awesome Dog Walker

Dog Walks | Night Boarding 

Join our pack for extra fun walks at Toronto's favourite parks & trails.

Puppy Visits

We'll check in on your pup 

While you are away at work let us stop by to feed, walk and play with your new little friend.

Awesome Dog Walks

Give your best friend a winter full of fun walks with amazing friends!

Fun filled, high energy walks for dogs of all ages and size. Find out how your dog can be part of a an awesome pack...

Daytime help with your new puppy. Let our dog walkers come visit, feed and play with your little one when your not around...

Our Home Boarding allows your dog to live comfortably and stick to their routine while you're away...

What pet parents are saying about our dog walks:

 "I love being able to see the picture and video updates on Facebook of what my dog's been doing and who she has been playing with each day.
I would highly recommend him!" 
-Rach N.

" My experience with Eglinton Dog Walker has been AMAZING and my dog is super HAPPY. Flexible, Reliable and Caring."

-Mirna Danilovic

"What's great is that they also make efforts to size match their dog groups, which is definitely uncommon in the walking community." 
-J C.

Why Dog Matching

We put tremendous effort into matching our dogs into suitable groups with the right dog walker. Having well matched groups makes all the difference. Puppies get to play with other puppies, seniors can walk with other seniors, small breed dogs can be with other small dogs and big dogs get to play with other big dogs. To our knowledge there are no other dog walkers in Toronto matching their groups in such a way and it's just another reason why our group walks are just so much fun!

Choosing a Dog Park

We offer dog walks at different parks around Toronto. Choosing the right park depends on the dogs in the group and the weather. Young dogs often do well at the pen-style parks that have secure fencing, while older dogs often enjoy structured walks on trails. Our dog walkers even take small breed dogs to dog parks that are specifically designated for small breed dogs. We believe having the right dogs at the right local parks is a very important part of the experience we provide.

The Best Dog Walkers

When it comes to our dog walkers you can rest assured ours are the best in the business! We live and breath dogs. We are experienced professionals who've chosen to go to school for, or work in fields relating to animal care. From vet clinics to horse stables our walkers share a common love for dogs. Our walkers are local, friendly, responsible and very reliable as well as loving. We take dog walking very seriously and your dog will be loved.

Leave your furry friend in good hands:

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