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   Kennel Free Boarding!

(Readily available in a nice home, with a loving family and other friendly dogs from our walks) 

*Our in home boarding is only offered to active clients of our daily dog walks.

 Move Over Rover

We provide a consistent and reliable boarding service for our Dog Walking clients (Pack Members). Bookings are as simple as sending us an email with your travel dates. We'll pick-up, as well as, drop off your dog. The boarding is done in the very own homes of our dog walkers.

Your dog is staying in a family home with other friendly dogs from our community. 

Our walkers have dogs of their own and our customers know us on a personal level. In the past we've had dogs at cottages, chalets, on camping trips, out for mountain bike rides, hikes at Algonquin and family affairs ranging form Passover Seders to large family Christmas dinners. Your dog really becomes part of our family while you are away. 

Did you know:

We guarantee boarding for our Pack Members! Once booked in they're coming to stay.  This means you will never plan a trip and find out at the last minute that your boarder is no longer available.

Overnight Boarding



 Frequently Asked Questions

If my dog is not a member of your dog walking service can they still board with you?

Unfortunately not. Our boarding service is exclusively for the dogs who are part of our Monday to Friday dog walking packs. We would be more than happy to accept your dog for our in-home boarding if they were to join us for walks on a regular basis.

Do I need to send food with them

Yes, of-course you do lol. Please send more than enough food for your dog's entire stay. Please mark their food with their name and include instructions for how much they are fed per meal.

How often will my dog be walked when boarding?

They'll be walked a minimum 3 times a day. They will also get potty breaks whenever they need to go out. Often they'll get to run errands and hangout with their walker and the pack all day. 

What should I send them with?

Less is more. We have dog beds, treats, toys, bowls, scoops etc... The only stuff they will need besides their food is any medication and clothing articles necessary in winter.