Daycare (Multi Walks)

Dog Walker's own dogs are spoiled when they get to go out to work with their owners, which means they basically spend the day going for fun car rides and playing with furry friends. Your dog can have the same experience to!

Our daycare program focuses on both high-energy dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety, that like to be out and about, spending time with people and other dogs on the trails, at the park or cruising in the car.

Dogs joining these walks will be out of the house with their dog walker for approximately 5 hours per day. They will get a minimum of 2 full length group walks with time in between to rest and warm up.

5+ Hours out of the house with friends!


Naomi's Group 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an indoor Daycare facility?

No. We do not off indoor daycare. Many dog walkers, including us, offer a service where instead of taking a dog with them on one group walk they'll take them on multiple walks so that they can spend the day out with the dog walker.

It's like your dog gets to 'work' with the dog walker everyday.

Will my dog have access to water? 

Yes. We bring a cooler in the van and they will have lots of opportunities to drink at the parks fountains as well.

Can you feed my dog during the day?

Yes, but we only recommend small meals or snacks as the dogs will be very active. It is best to feed them a big breakfast and dinner.

How long will my dog get to rest in between walks?

There is usually 1 hour rest up in between the group walks