Puppy Walks

New family member? 

We love, love, LOVE puppies and want your little one to join our pack!

Socialization, potty-break, a little basic training, exercise, a chance to get outside during the day, midday feeding etc.. These are just some of the various reasons dog owners call on us for puppy visits.

Let us swing by your home at a set time to visit your puppy. We will check up on them, let them out of the crate, refill their water, take them outside for a play in the backyard or front lawn and short on-leash walk on the street. 

These visits provide an outside break for your puppy during the day while you are busy at work or busy working from home. A little bit of exercise with a lot of love.

Puppies typically start joining the other dogs for smaller group walks between 14-16 weeks of age and once they've had their 3rd round of puppy shots.

Private and/or semi-private on-leash walks for pups up to a year old. 

If you would like your young dog to go out for a walk, but are hesitant about the group walks, we would be happy to start them on private walks or a semi-private walk with some other pups.



Show your puppy love


**Please note these walks/visits are intended for puppies that require our services 3-5 days per week (Mon-Fri)**

Cooper on walking with his dog walker

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Puppy Visits

Should I schedule the puppy visits even before our puppy comes home?

Yes. When it comes to setting up puppy visits the more notice you can provide us with the better.

Can you take my puppy to their vet appointments?

Yes, as long as the vet is located within our service area and you coordinate the time with us.

Can you do puppy visits on evenings or weekends?

Yes. A surcharge will be added to the cost.

Will you feed my puppy?

Yes. We can feed them.

Do you offer training?

We'll assist in the most basic training and socialization. We also work with some very reputable trainers who we can refer you to. 

Can you send me a text to let me know how they are doing?

Yes. We're happy to send you text or email to let you know how they are doing. Plus we'll post lots of pictures on Facebook and Instagram, so you can see what they are up to. 


Get off to a great start