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Daycare (Double Walks)

What's better than spending the day out having fun with friends?

When it comes to daycare, staying indoors all day isn't ideal for every dog.  Our daycare program focuses on the active dogs that need to be outdoors getting real exercise, real socialization and real stimulation. 

Those joining our daycare will be with their dog walker for the day. They'll partake in multiple group walks, spend time in the dog walkers home and enjoy car rides in between.  They'll come home very happy and tired. 

 Benefits of our daycare:

  • Excellent exercise for energetic medium to large breed dogs
  • Free pickup and drop-off
  • Health benefits from being outdoors

Requirements for joining our daycare program:

  • Be a minimum of 14 weeks of age (3rd round of shots required)
  • Up to date on vaccinations 
  • Neutered / spayed (by 12 months of age)
  • Attend 4-5 days each week

$40/Double Walks



Naomi's Group 1

Does your dog love being outside with friends?


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog have access to water?

Yes. We bring a cooler in the van and they have lots of opportunities to drink.

Can you feed my dog during the day?

Yes, no problem.

How long will my dog get to rest in between walks?

There is usually 1 hour rest up in between the group walks