Daytime Adventure Walks

Spend the day out and about with your friends!

While our regular group walks are already fun filled and long walks, some owners just want more for their dogs, and we're here for them!

Dogs joining us for daycare will stay with their dog walker for approximately 5-6 hours during the day. They will enjoy multiple off-leash group walks with their friends at a variety of parks and trails with time to rest and warm up in between each adventure.

This is the perfect option for the high energy dogs, or for those whose owners are out of the house for long hours...we make sure she come home tired and happy!


5-6 hour daytime adventures!




No, but we've thought about it.

When we think of indoor daycare facilities, like store fronts and commercial units, it's just not something that appeals to us. Daycares are not something we'd use for our own dogs and therefore we've decided against going this direction.