Puppy Training

**Our Dog Training is not being provided at this time. This message will be removed as soon as we resume our in person dog training.


Training for Puppies up to 8 months of age!

After nearly a decade of walking dogs, we've learnt a thing or two. Eglinton Dog Walker, along with Puppy Basics has developed a puppy training program that is meant to be an easy to follow, practical approach to training young dogs. We cover the basics of puppy training and some of the common issues that arise during adolescence.

Puppy Training includes the very basics of sit, stay, come, lay down, all while working on the more complicated on-leash walking skills (heal, no pulling). Additionally we will address re-call commands (calling your dog back when they are off-leash). Assistance with potty training and crate training. Working to stop or prevent bad habits such as jumping up on people, counter surfing, in-home accidents, chewing, nipping, and barking. We offer lots of assistance with good socialization skills such as playing nice with other dogs and appropriate greetings. Lastly, we assist with informing owners on how to identify body language of other dogs to help keep their dog safe and assisting with the many other questions and concerns new dog owners often have.


 Pay As You Go Per Session

Meet The Trainers



Puppy Foundations

Life long animal lover, horse instructor, dog owner, experienced Commercial Dog Walker and Certified Puppy Instructor.

Naomi has a proven track record of changing unwanted dog behaviors. One of our client's even refer to her as a 'Wizard' when it comes to dogs. Naomi by nature is very calm, composed and persistent, these traits coupled with her extensive knowledge of dog behavior and training certifications makes her an excellent dog trainer.

Naomi has a very pragmatic and effective approach to dog training that show results.

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Puppy Foundations



Puppy Foundations

Alissa has an impressive resume when it comes to dogs and dog training. Starting with her background at Guelph in Animal Biology and most recently her certification in Puppy Foundations with the Karen Pryor academy. Alissa not only has the knowledge and qualifications to work with young dogs, but she is very good at working with their owners to explain what the puppy is doing, how she will be correcting it and what the family needs to do to ensure success.

Alissa is always happy to talk dog and is available for follow-up support with every dog she helps train.

Questions? We've got answers!

Questions? We've got answers!

Puppy Socialization Classes

**We are aiming to start community socialization classes as soon as government restrictions permit us to.

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Get your Puppy off to a great Start!