We Make Puppy Learning Fun!

We Make Puppy Learning Fun!


Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Off, Heal, No, Leave it and Okay... These are the most valuable commands your dog can know.

After a decade of providing 1000's of dog walks, we at Eglinton Dog Walker, have seen our share of problems with young dogs. Many of these problems were possible for us to correct, and almost all of them would have been entirely preventable with some proper basic training from the beginning.

Some of these problematic behaviors include:
-excessive barking
-chewing/destroying furniture
-pulling/jumping/lunging while on leash
-no offleash recall
Two pieces of advice from a trusted Pet-Care Professional:
1. Ensure your puppy gets lots of exercise and socialization.
2. Do a few in-home/private training sessions with a trainer while your puppy is still young.
(Puppy classes are fun, but don't provide the same real world training that can be provided in your home or walking down a busy street or at a dog park)

Pay As We Go:

Pay As We Go:



Some Topics We'll Cover:

Some Topics We'll Cover:

The Basic Commands:

We will teach your dog the foundational lessons to set them up for success! Even if your puppy has already mastered some of the basics like “sit,” there is so much more to learn.

Some prevention topics that we’ll cover:

-Crate training (should you chose to crate train): teaches independence and assists with house training

-Safe handling and restraint: By making this a positive and fun experience, your dog is much less likely to be frightened at the groomer and vet

-House training and how to help prevent accidents.

How to walk like a Pro on-leash:

This lesson teaches your dog how to properly walk on leash so that you don’t spend the next 15+ years getting dragged around, or having a dog lunging and barking at every other dog or squirrel.

Prevention topics:

-Jumping up: how to efficiently ignore attention seeking behaviour so that it ends entirely and doesn’t become problematic as they get bigger.

Leave it/Drop it:

This is a huge command! Being able to ensure your dog is able to leave anything alone, at anytime, on command. 

-Counter surfing/stealing objects


-Resource guarding (protecting food, a stick or ball by attacking people or dogs who get too close)


Recall/Come here:

The most important training command, it can save your dog’s life! Recall is all about making yourself more exciting than anything else they may be fixated on. As your puppy matures, and with lots of practice, they will know to come to you when called, every time.

Early recall training can also help prevent:

-Prey drive and/or fixation on small animals: very important if your dog will be large.

And so much more...!

Questions? We've got answers!

Questions? We've got answers!

Get 3 FREE Dog Walks!

Once your puppy has completed 3 sessions with our certified dog trainer, they will then be welcome to join a pack of other smaller, young dogs for 3 free midday group walks for the purpose of real world socialization under the close supervision of a professional dog walker.

This offer is not available to those outside our service area or at locations that our dog walkers do not service, such as, apartment and condo buildings.

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Get your Puppy off to a great Start!

Get your Puppy off to a great Start!