Pack Leaders

Never scramble for a dog walker again! Your dog will have just one primary walker.


Pack Leader

Keri has been a dog lover her whole life!  She loves managing a company dedicated to providing fun filled days for our furry members!  Keri loves hiking, the outdoors and escaping from the ‘office’ to visit our packs for some fun!  Anything our members need, she’s here to help!




Dog Walker

With lots of experience working with dogs, Meaghan brings a lot of fun and compassion to her little dog packs!  You can find them running around and lots of ball throwing in the small dog parks!



Dog Walker

Hail is the proud owner of a handsome rescue named Bambi!  She loves the outdoors and letting her pack run through the trails, exploring and new adventures daily!  The dogs adores her and she's a welcome member of the team!




Dog Walker

Gemma has a great understanding of puppies and mature dogs and is dedicated to providing fun and stimulating adventure walks to her members. You'll find Gemma and her wonderful pups exploring in the forest or by the ravine, getting a lot of exercise and socialization.



Dog Walker

Caelin has lots of experience with dogs, including agility training.  She loves taking her packs for scenic trail walks with some fetch and play time mixed in...the perfect balance!

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Dog Walker/Trainer

Yasmine has been a dog fanatic from the get go, being outdoors is when she's most at peace by immersing herself in the journey we set out for. Yasmine also an artist in her spare time, enthusiastic, kind hearted and loves being apart of our furry pack.



Dog Walker

Emily's packs bring the fun to the dog parks!  She is wonderful with the young, energetic groups, providing them a fun and safe outting where they can run and play...with some beautiful nature trails walks mixed in!




Dog Walker

Karina has spent years travelling and hiking with dogs!  From the mountains in BC to the forests and trails here at home, Karina loves hiking and spending time with our four legged friends.  You'll always find her smiling and having a great time with her packs!


Eric & Loki


Dog Walker

Eric enjoys going on long trail hikes with the most energetic dogs.



Dog Walker

From adventure walks to dog sitting and grooming, Elisa brings a lot of experience to the team!  You'll find her in the trails with her energetic them the best experience each day!

Everything your dog could ever hope for in a DOG WALKER!