About Us

We are a small, local & trusted team of dog lovers!

We believe the key to our success is the health and happiness of your dog. Therefore, we strive to provide the absolute best walking experience for the dogs in our community.

Check out our team below and be sure to check out the over 16,000 pictures, stories and videos we've posted on Facebook & Instagram throughout the years... we really LOVE dogs!



Pack Leader

Keri has been a dog lover her whole life!  She loves managing a company dedicated to providing fun filled days for our furry members!  Keri loves hiking, the outdoors and escaping from the ‘office’ to visit our packs for some fun!  Anything our members need, she’s here to help!




Pack Leader

Gemma brings a strong background in administration and supervising at a dog daycare as a wonderful addition to the EDW team!  She loves all things 'dog' and is a great asset to the Management Team.  She has a great understanding of dogs and relationship with our members and is here to help our operations from adventures with our furry friends to administration and customer service.




(Rousy's Mom)

Shaylyn is a nature lover and an outdoor enthusiast!  Originally from Manitoba, she made the move to Toronto and quickly became a wonderful pack leader, making our members her family away from home!  She loves taking her pack into the forest and on adventures off the beaten track to let dogs be dogs!

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(Cricket's Mom)

Alissa has an educational background in Animal Biology. She is also experienced in working in a dog kennel, as well as volunteering with National Service Dogs as a puppy raiser. She is working towards becoming a certified dog trainer and is already well versed in animal behaviour and welfare.



(Sadie's Mom)

Naomi has been walking with EDW since the beginning!  Another outdoor enthusiast, you won’t find her in the dog parks. She prefers to head into the woods to give the dogs a good work out and sniff around in nature. She’s also an aspiring dog trainer and working towards her certification.  Naomi has been referred to as a ‘wizard’ when it comes to her pack members!



(Hank & Luna's Mom)

Kaya found her passion for working with dogs in Thailand at a shelter and when she came back to Canada started working as a dog daycare attendant. She loved it so much she completed the Animal Care Certificate program at Durham College. Kaya loves the outdoors, biking, and hiking with dogs.  In her down time she enjoys reading and time with her two feline best friends, Hank and Luna.  She’s happy to spend her days bonding and exploring with her packs!



(Marley & Oliver's Mom)

Annette is the Queen of the small dog park!  You can usually find her at Sunnybrook park with  her energetic group of ‘littles’ for endless ball throws and zoomies!  She enjoys spending the days outside and surrounded by pups, she’s rescued many of her own and has an adorable one named Marley.



(Bingo's Mom)

You know that crazy dog lady hanging around Sherwood Park who makes friends with every dog she meets? That's Peggy! Peggy is a very passionate and amazing leader, she loves her packs and is always surrounded by dogs. She is our resident ‘doodle wizard,’ and always knows how to keep them moving while staying clean and happy.



(Thunder's Mom)

Jade is an experienced dog walker and has quickly made best friends with a lot of our puppy members! Her packs are adorable and playful and have a great time in her care!  You can often see her own adorable puppy, Thunder, in tow!




(Bentley's Mom)

Yasmine has been a dog fanatic from the get go, being outdoors is when she's most at peace by immersing herself in the journey we set out for. Yasmine also an artist in her spare time, enthusiastic, kind hearted and loves being apart of our furry pack.





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