About Us


Since 2013 Eglinton Dog Walker has been providing communities in North Toronto and Midtown with quality dog walking services.

Our walkers are some of the best around.

Our walks are longer and more fun.

Over 15,000 pictures and videos posted on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube!

Meet Our Dream Team

Each dog joining our walks will have one primary walker who is reputable, bonded, insured and experienced in dog walking and professional animal care.




Keri has been a dog lover her whole life!  She loves managing a company dedicated to providing fun filled days for our furry members!  Keri loves hiking, the outdoors and escaping from the ‘office’ to visit our packs for some fun!  Anything our members need, she’s here to help!


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Shaylyn is a nature lover and an outdoor enthusiast!  Originally from Manitoba, she made the move to Toronto and quickly became a wonderful pack leader, making our members her family away from home!  She loves taking her pack into the forest and on adventures off the beaten track to let dogs be dogs and have fun every day!

Shay's Service Area:

  • Leaside
  • Davisville



You may see Jenna driving around your neighborhood in the EDW van!  She’s been with us for years and is a dog walking extraordinaire!  She enjoys hiking and being outdoors with her rescue dog, Happy, and has been an amazing pack leader for some of our longest members and a valuable member of the team!  Playtime is always fun with Jenna!

Jenna's Service Area:

  • Leaside
  • Davisville



Naomi has been walking with EDW since the beginning!  You won’t find her in the dog parks as she prefers to head into the woods or trails to give the dogs a good work out and nature walk.  Along with her dog, Sadie, Naomi loves outdoor adventures and hiking.  She’s also an aspiring dog trainer and working towards her certification.  Naomi has been referred to as a ‘wizard’ when it comes to her pack members!

Naomi's Service area:

  • Lawrence Park
  • Leaside
  • Forest Hill
  • Chaplin Estates
  • Davisville



Taylor loves adventures with her 4-legged pals and long walks on the beach!  Energetic dogs are her specialty and she is known to tire out the best of them!  Along with her own two companions, Bonsai and Spinelli, Taylor can be found rolling around with the dogs or splashing in the lake…the party never stops with her packs!  You’ll never meet more of a ‘dog-person’ than Taylor!

Taylor's Service Area:

  • Forest Hill
  • Chaplin Estates
  • Allenby
  • Cedervale



Annette is the Queen of the small dog park!  You can usually find her at Sunnybrook park with  her energetic group of ‘littles’ for endless ball throws and zoomies!  She enjoys spending the days outside and surrounded by pups, she’s rescued many of her own and has an adorable one named Marley.

Annette's Service Area:

  • Yonge & Eglinton



From walking, to boarding, to grooming…Hannah loves everything ‘dog’!  Hannah has been surrounded by animals her whole life, she’s vegan, and very interested in training and providing the best walks possible for her packs!  She is a proud mama of a Parrot named Zola and a German Shepard puppy named Mushu!

Hannah's Service Area:

  • Allenby
  • Lytton Park
  • Lawrence Manor
  • Hoggs Hollow
  • Yorkmills
  • Bedford Park
  • Teddington Park

Everything your dog could ever hope for in a DOG WALKER!