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Playful pet-lovers who love hanging out with your best friends

Eglinton Dog Walker is a North Toronto/Midtown dog walking service. We are exclusively for those needing regular and on-going pet services. Regardless of our size, dogs are always with the same dog walkers and pack mates. We are a safe and reliable service known throughout the community

Each of our dog walkers have been very carefully selected to join us. They have extensive backgrounds of  both living and working with dogs. We also have full-time management for our company which ensures we are professional, responsive and easy to deal with.

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Meet our awesome team:

Pack members will have a primary walker




Keri has been a dog lover since she can remember.  She grew up surrounded by them and comes from a huge family of animal enthusiasts!  Ask anyone she knows and they’ll tell you it’s her mission to befriend every dog she meets!  She loves the outdoors and exploring, whether in the city or in parks and trails with her family Golden Retrievers, combining the two passions is her favorite pastime. She comes from a strong business management background and was eager to join a team which promotes a healthy and happy environment for our furry family members…it’s the perfect fit!




Dog Walker/Pet-Sitter

Chances are if you live in our service area, then at some point Amber has stopped you on the street to pet your dog. A familiar face to those living near Sherwood Park, Amber is a compassionate dog walker and a very popular pet-sitter for families in Lawrence Park. With both her mother and grandmother working in pet-care, and a background working at vet clinics, Amber was the first choice of dog walkers to join Eglinton Dog Walker. When she is not walking small dogs, letting seniors out for potty breaks, visiting puppies or pet-sitting, she is probably volunteering her spare time at a local vet clinic.



Dog Walker

Tammi comes from a background in Veterinary medicine. She has studied veterinary technician through Sheridan college and held the title of practice manager at a Toronto Animal Hospital.
She is the proud owner of a working line Shepherd and is passionate about dog training and behaviour with a focus on positive reinforcement. Tammi is compassionate and affectionate and can’t wait to give your fur baby snuggles!





Dog Walker

Naomi has worked at many horse stables training and providing all around care for the horses. She has volunteered at 2 different animal shelters providing care to horses, cats and birds. She is the owner of two rats named Napolean and Josephine, as well a, a beautiful, sweet and playful rescue named Sadie. Her favourite dog park is Sherwood park, that's where you'll find her Mon-Friday with some very happy four legged friends.




Dog Walker

Eric enjoys being outdoors and staying active, so leaving an office job to become a dog walker only made sense. Eric enjoys taking the dogs on long hikes in the woods. He will take some of the more active dogs mountain biking with him. Eric is full of energy and that is why we give him our most active dogs.



Puppy Care/Dog Walker

Jenna is the proud owner of a tabby named Tuna and a rescue dog named Happy. She is also an urban bee keeper doing her part to increase the bee populations. Jenna enjoys cooking, camping and hiking. Whenever you see our big colourful Eglinton Dog Walker van on the road, that's Jenna behind the wheel with a big smile. Jenna loves taking the dogs swimming and it's evident when you see her wearing water shoes. Jenna grew up with pigs, dogs, rabbits, birds and a cat.  She is a wonderful addition to our team.

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Dog Walker

After 40 years in news and broadcast, Peggy returned to her first love, dogs. She began walking professionally 2 1/2 years ago and has never been happier.

Dogs have always been an enormous part of her life, slightly nudging ahead of her two grown daughters. She learned to stand by pulling herself up on “Pepper”, a Black Lab. There followed “Jet” (another Black Lab), “Charlie Brown” (a Beagle), “Paddington” (a Newfoundland), “Molly” (another Newf), “Ollie” (Newf #3; what can I say?). Then came a Greyhound rescue, “Emily”, and a Yellow Lab, “Kasper”. The current three with whom Peggy shares her paycheque (pictured L-R), “Bingo”, a Fox-Red Lab, Bingo’s mother, “Phoebe”, and the pack Alpha, “Tucker”, a Black Lab rescued 8 years ago.

Peg is excited to get to know her new packs at Eglinton Dog Walking.



Dog Walker

Taylor is the proud owner of a sweet rescue named Bon Sai. Taylor loves to get out into the forest and let the dogs be dogs. The dogs in her pack are young, energetic and move fast. We're lucky to have Taylor as part of our team.


Sara W.

Assistant Dog Walker


Ruth H.

Home Boarder